Mobile Computer Cart on Wheels by AFC – Ideal for Efficient Medical Workstations

AFC’s Computer Cart on Wheels is the perfect solution for healthcare professionals and other industries that require a mobile, flexible computing platform. Our cart is designed to provide a stable and secure platform for your computer, making it the ideal tool for telemedicine consultations, electronic health record (EHR) management, and more. With its durable construction, advanced features, and versatile design, the Computer Cart on Wheels from AFC is perfect for busy healthcare and industrial settings. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, manager, or other professional, our cart will streamline your workflows and improve productivity. Shop now and experience the benefits of true mobility and convenience in your industry.

This computer cart on wheels comes with valuable ergonomic features and design elements that are highly versatile and compact, including a height-adjustable articulating monitor arm, pneumatic height adjustment, speaker holder, and lockable caster wheels.

Constructed with a large protective sneeze and cough guard, the acrylic shield is strategically placed to create an established barrier between the user and the patient/client to help prevent the unnecessary spread of airborne germs.

  • Robust steel base construction
  • High-pressure laminate desktop work surface
  • Bumper molding for comfort and aesthetics
  • Electronic height adjustments, easy smooth control
  • Bottom shelf for attaching CPU or printer
  • Four (4) casters with two (2) front locking casters
  • Flexible Z-arm monitor mount
  • VESA computer monitor bracket will support most types
  • Secure Acrylic Sneeze-Guard Shield for your protection




Adjustable Ergonomic Rolling Monitor Stand

Mobile Computer Cart Monitor Arm with Sneeze and Cough Guard specs

Mobile Computer Cart Features

Mobile Computer Cart Monitor Arm with Sneeze and Cough Guard featueres

Mobile Computer Cart Monitor Arm with Sneeze and Cough Guard specifications


  • Best Comfortable Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort to reduce stress and maintain posture during work.
  • Maintains Good Health: Eliminates repetitive strain injuries(RSIs), muscle pains, body discomforts, eye strain, and fatigue. Enhances productivity and healthy blood circulation.
  • Easy-to-Use: Easy to operate without the need for hours of user training. Very easy to configure to accommodate individual user preferences.
  • Access to Data Ports and Power Outlets: Increases productivity and efficiency through ease of access to data ports and power outlets.
  • Correct Placement of Computer CPU: The computer CPU is safely out of harm’s way which allows users to move freely.
  • Clean Wire Management: Wires are safely hidden to eliminate the risk of accidents it may cause to person(s) or equipment.
  • Built-to-Specifications: Can be specified to accommodate the unique needs and working environment of individual users before manufacturing.
  • Guaranteed with Product Warranty: Covered with manufacturer’s product warranty that gives assurance to buyers in case the product doesn’t meet expectations.
  • Trustworthy Manufacturing Team: Our designers, engineers, and fabricators use their skills and talents to bring you the highest quality product you deserve.
  • Assistance in Workspace Planning: We provide assistance in planning in installation or renovation of your work facilities.
  • Help with Installation: We provide thorough assistance in deploying your furniture for service.
  • Versatile Equipment: Our furniture is able to adapt to suit different uses and environments, therefore, making it durable.

AFC’s mobile computer cart enhances productivity and efficiency in industrial, office, or medical work environments with its cutting-edge, ergonomic, and user-friendly features. This line of specialized equipment is loaded with a host of modern functionality to aid professionals with optimum convenience in accessing data whilst on the move.

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