IntelliCart Desks | Dual Tier

IntelliCart Desks: Manually Height Adjustable Double Level Workstations

Why Choose IntelliCart Desks by AFC Industries?

Explore AFC Industries' IntelliCart Desks, The IntelliCart is a two-tier desk that increases the usefulness of the workplace while also significantly improving end-users' comfort and productivity. These multi-level cart workstations are characterized by their ergonomic forms, making them ideal for use as a multi-monitor computer desk.

The IntelliCart is also highly customizable, with the option to add a wide variety of accessories for maximizing both storage space and work efficiency. By rotating tiers, the desk can easily be adapted to incorporate any number of optional components, such as CPU holders and monitor arms, milk crates and magazine racks, filing bins and drawers, or small appliances such as surge protectors and USB hubs.

The main aspects of the IntelliCart's design are three-fold:

1. Seamless integration with existing office furniture by heightening the overall aesthetic appeal of any workspace while at the same time increasing its functionality.

2. A unique, patent-pending mechanical locking system that adjusts the height and orientation of each tier independently to support a broad range of applications.

3. An endless array of possible configurations for supporting virtually any number and combination of computer peripherals, storage boxes, tabletop appliances, or other devices on top, below, or between workstation tiers in countless different arrangements depending on specific user needs.

The modular nature of the design makes it ideal for users who require multiple monitors but have limited space on desks.