Computer Tablet Carts and Stands

Mobile Computer Tablet Carts

These Mobile tablet computer carts are yet another example of applied ergonomics for user comfort, safety and productivity. They can be used to share information or walk a patient through a specific procedure or care plan.

This mobile Tablet Cart has a small footprint that brings the patient into a close proximity to contribute to, and work with the physician so that they can jointly navigate a program, review an image and truly share in the healthcare process.

- This mobile Tablet Cart on wheels provides a shared experience and allows for better communication between clinicians and their patients.

- It creates an environment where information is accurate, reliable, and up to date with the latest developments in medical technology.

- The mobile Tablet Cart on wheels can be used as a teaching tool for new staff to reinforce patient education.

- It provides clinicians with appropriate parameters of care and treatment plans before they see the patient.

- This mobile Tablet Cart on wheels allow patients to review, print or email their information between visits, so that there is no loss of information.

- This mobile Tablet Cart provides a truly collaborative process between patients and their care givers with access to highly validated information that can immediately influence their treatment plan.