Deluxe Ergo Tier Stand up Desks (Stand up Desks that Tilt)

Adjustable Stand Up Desks

Deluxe Ergo Tier Desks – Height and Tilt Adjustable Workstations w/ Adjustable Monitors

The Ergo Deluxe Tier is a fantastic range of workstations that redefines today’s ergonomic desk standards to improve working conditions and productivity in the medical and healthcare sectors. The ZEN Mode, which is designed with cutting-edge engineering and features our top upgrade, was created for this line.

The ZEN Mode allows you to work as quickly as possible by lowering your body into a comfortable reclined position of 120 degrees. The tabletop’s tilt feature enables you to adjust the focus setting for the ideal viewing angle. Electronically driven, telescopic legs operate quietly and smoothly thanks to an easy-to-use control panel. Wire management techniques keep the cables organized.

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