Ergonomic Mobile Rolling Computer Carts

Adjustable Laptop Carts

AFC’s roster of durable, mobile laptop cart is designed for maximum flexibility, ease of movement and immediate point-of-care data access. These laptop computer carts on wheels are manufactured to meet the ergonomic needs of the end users while delivering consistent patient care, efficiency and cost savings. The

AFC cart comes with the ability to accommodate a wide variety of laptop brands, sizes and makes. The carts also can be modified to accommodate locking storage. And, the innovative design is able to provide flexibility for infection control and thermal management needs, as well as patient privacy and safety features such as soft-close doors.

The AFC mobile laptop cart design is engineered for easy-to-use hydraulics that provide effortless movement of the unit over commercial floor surfaces. The carts are available with either 4" casters or 6" heavy duty casters. The AFC mobile laptop carts can accommodate a wide range of applications including inpatient, outpatient, physician offices, pharmacy and clinical labs.

Standard benefits:

- Increase efficiency.

- Improve patient care.

-Emotional benefits:

- Be the hero of your hospital.

- Make a difference in people's lives.

- Improve the patient experience.

Economic benefits:

- Increase your throughput at point of care.

The AFC laptop carts are available in standard sizes that fit most laptops. The carts are customizable to meet specific applications, including the ability to add modifications for soft close doors and an anti-microbial treatment option for improved patient safety.