Mobile Detector Holders

Maximizing Imaging Efficiency with Adjustable Detector Holder / Cassette Holder

Our detector holder are meticulously engineered to provide stable and precise positioning for digital radiography (DR) detectors or cassettes. This ensures consistently high-quality images and accurate diagnoses.

Optimal Ergonomics of Detector Holder

We prioritize the comfort and well-being of medical personnel. Our adjustable stands and holders can be easily customized to accommodate different user heights and preferences, reducing strain and fatigue during long procedures.

Efficient Workflow of Detector Holder

AFC’s detector stands are built for efficiency. With quick and straightforward adjustments, technologists can streamline their workflow, resulting in reduced examination times and improved patient throughput.

Spine Smart™ Digital Radiography(DR) Detector

THE SPINE SMART™ height-adjustable mobile detector stand is used in applications with a digital radiography (DR)detector. It increases accuracy and decreases time per procedure, based on AFC engineering and design. A color-coded adjustable guide ensures optimal positioning of the detector, and the patient is supported by an acrylic lean guide and securing straps.

MACH-ONE™ X-ray Cassette(CR) Holder

THE MACH-ONE™ is a height-adjustable mobile X-ray cassette stand used in computed radiography (CR)applications. It is available with either electronic or pneumatic height adjustment and accommodates cassettes of many different sizes and shapes. The MACH-ONE™ is also available as a wall mount-mounted product.

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