Medical Carts Manufacturing

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Medical Furniture Equipment on Wheels

AFC provides a wide range of top-notch medical and hospital furnishings that is ideal for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers. Medical telemedicine carts in a variety of styles are designed and produced by us. AFC is recognized as a premiere name in medical furniture. We provide high-quality medical cart equipment to the healthcare sector.

Our products include medical carts, telemedicine carts , rolling medical computer cart , computer tables, and much more. Our hospital furniture is designed to provide efficient and comfortable work environments for both patients and medical professionals. Our products are made with the latest technologies and are compliant with all safety standards.

Mobile medical computer carts with VESA monitor stand, sliding keyboard tray, CPU holder, push and pull handlebar, battery packs, and heavy-duty casters.

Telemedicine point of care cart healthcare use. Designed to provide efficient and mobile healthcare service; equipped with life-saving features.

Medical lab cart, laboratory utility cart by AFC offers state of the art mobile medical laboratory cart with accessories for sterile working environment.

Our telemedicine carts are designed to enhance the efficiency of health services through advanced video conferencing ergonomic furniture equipment.

Height adjustable mobile detector holder stands used in applications for digital radiography. Designed for PACS, x-ray units, medical imaging radiography

Mobile height adjustable telescopic telemedicine telehealth cart aids point-of-care in hospital facilities helping both patients and doctors communicate.

Perfect for healthcare professionals who require a mobile, flexible computing solution. Specifically designed to securely hold your tablet computer.