COVID-19 Sanitary Station

Elevate Safety and Efficiency with Our COVID-19 Workplace Solutions

In today's ever-evolving workplace landscape, safety is paramount. At AFC Industries, we understand the unique challenges posed by COVID-19. That's why we've developed a comprehensive range of COVID-19 Workplace Solutions designed to safeguard your employees and enhance productivity.

Our innovative products are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of these challenging times. From ergonomic workstations that promote social distancing to cutting-edge disinfection stations, our solutions are tailored to your evolving needs.

As we adapt to the new normal, trust AFC Industries to provide you with the tools necessary to create a safe, efficient, and productive workspace. Explore our COVID-19 Workplace Solutions today and experience peace of mind as you navigate these uncharted waters.

With AFC Industries by your side, you're not just embracing change—you're leading it. Choose safety, choose innovation, choose us.

COVID-19 Ready

As we continue to fight the Corona Pandemic, we must prepare to protect ourselves accordingly. At AFC we have begun to manufacture COVID-19 ready products that can help you as we steadily return to working normalcy. Whether it be static or mobile Respiratory Hygiene Stations, strategically situated at building entrance-ways and through heavy-traffic areas, or Mobile Thermal Imaging Camera Carts that offer a lightweight but sturdy solution for passive temperature detection and monitoring.

Our Respiratory Hygiene Dispenser Stands are built to dispense a combination of face-masks, gloves, wipes and bottles of sanitizer. These stations can be placed in any high-traffic area and should be encouraged to be used as often as possible. We offer static floor-standing posts, mobile wheeled carts, countertop, and wall-mounted dispensing stations for your convenience.