Multi-Level Rolling Desks

AFC Industries Presents Multi-Level Rolling Desks: OmniBus Multilevel

OmniBus Multilevel: Unmatched Adaptability

Explore our Multi-Level Rolling Desks, including the versatile OmniBus Rolling Multi-Level Computer Desks. With an adaptable profile, these tables/desks provide optimal equipment support, allowing integration of carts with varying width and height. Contact us with your specific requirements, and we'll create a customized OmniBus solution tailored to your workspace.

OmniBus redefines the concept of multilevel computer desks with a unique and innovative solution that simplifies the integration and management of IT equipment. You can adjust OmniBus to your needs by mixing carts of different width and height, and then organize workstations with several levels (either as standard or compact) using up to two columns on each level for A/V, IT, server racks etc.

The standard height of the top surface allows you to store A/V components such as projectors directly onto the table tops. After installation you will notice how OmniBus provides an optimum support structure for all types of technical equipment – from displays and lighting systems down to PCs, sound systems and servers. OmniBus is robust, reliable and extremely flexible. It is easy to install and configure – all components are factory tested before delivery. The OmniBus frame has a smart locking system, which makes it extremely secure – yet extremely fast to assemble.