About AFC Industries

Who we are

Since 1994, AFC Industries, Inc. has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture and computer workstations. Our Mission is to improve work life quality by designing and manufacturing innovative ergonomic products that integrate seamlessly with new technologies for medical and commercial related workplaces across the global community.

AFC Industries, Inc. offers a wide variety of height adjustable / sit-stand workstations; space-saving desks; mobile carts; wall mounts; computer furniture; racking systems; security desks and stations; industrial floor-mounts, reading room desks and stations; radiology reading room desks and stations; and sound proof partitions. We also provide 2-tier desks, lab carts, telescopic carts, anti-microbial wall units and carts, control consoles, security desks, IT workstations, PACS systems, and ergonomic furniture. We offer a wide variety of high quality accessories. Our products help you create a working solution that actively enhances your health, comfort, productivity, and performance at work.

AFC Industries Inc. operates in several major market segments including Radiology, Cardiology / Cardiovascular, IT/IS, Bio-Med, diagnostic X-ray, medical X-ray, CT, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy; just to name a few.

AFC Mission:

To create solutions, through the manufacture of ergonomically designed furniture and technology related products, that increases productivity and alleviates the physical stress in the workplace. We are serious when we say that our units adapt to your environment.

Benefits of Working with AFC Industries

Design and Engineering

AFC’s industry trained engineers & designers work directly with you and your dedicated account staff in designing specifically to your requirements. Our products are ergonomically designed for maximum operator efficiency and convenience.

Assistance with Room Layout Design

engineer drawing room lay out

3D AND CAD drawings

engieer drawing height adjustable desk

Manufactured with Quality and Pride in New York City

All design, production, assembly and quality control is done on our premises in College Point, New York, a suburb of New York City. It is this proud attention to the details that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

On-Site Wood Shop

All the wood work surfaces and shelves have pressurized, scratch resistant long lasting laminate, and are tailored to your exact dimensions in our wood shop.

ergonomic furniture wood shop

On-Site Metal Shop

Our carts, racks and workstations are built exclusively from reinforced steel. Our standard is 11 Gauge cold-rolled steel.

ergonomic furniture metal shop

On-Site Paint Shop

Epoxy powder-coated and anti-microbial paint finishes are available.

ergonomic furniture paint shop

Quality Control

We follow a rigorous quality control program including complete product testing before shipping.

Shipping & Assembling

We deliver our furniture fully assembled for maximum strength and safety. This saves the customer time and effort. We ship worldwide!


AFC warrants our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. Bushings and similar high-wearing parts, including all movable parts are covered for five years. Electronics and Motors are covered for one year. Lights and illuminators are covered for one year. Any modifications made to AFC products without our written approval will void any warranty. Please contact AFC regarding any modifications to our products. Extended Warranty is available, please contact us for details.


WBENC National Certification Number: WBE2202886