Adjustable Desks and Ergonomic Tables

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Manual Height Adjustable Desks

The computer desk and ergonomic tables workstation are meant to give a working surface while also housing or hiding office equipment such as computers, peripherals, and cabling for home-office and office users.

The ideal height adjustable desk has everything you need to be productive, organized, and comfortable at your job. AFC offers a huge range of beautiful, high-quality manual height adjustable standing desks. Take a look at our desks and tables in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials. Office workstation solutions that are both cost-effective

Computers are an integral part of our lives, whether it’s for work, school or entertainment. We all use computers on a daily basis, so the best computer desk is one which not only suits your requirements but also enhances your experience while working at them.

Ergonomic computer desks come in a variety of styles and shapes to fit your specific needs. Do you have limited space? AFC carries a line of adjustable height desk .

We have the best computer desk for sale. It includes all the features that make an outstanding workstation. If you’re looking for good ergonomic office furniture, look no further than AFC. All of our adjustable-height standing desks are well designed, high quality and built to last.

The name for these type of office workstation has been taken from the medical definition where it is used as a surface that can be raised or lowered according to your height or body position. An ergonomic computer desk provides a comfortable workplace with the use of different settings so you can achieve a perfect posture.

The word ‘ergonomics’ comes from Greek words meaning worker and study, which signifies how important it is for workplace comfort and health conditions to be considered when designing furniture that enables people to stay longer at their jobs without any issues. Ergonomic computer desk designs vary according to individual needs but the basics remain basically same.

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Workstation Desks and Table With Wheels

We provide you with our high-quality rolling medical computer workstation desks, which guarantee a 100% dependability of delivering ergonomic comfort and ample workspace for medical experts to work more effectively.

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IntelliCart Desks | Dual Tier

The IntelliCart is a two-tier desk that increases the usefulness of the workplace while also significantly improving end-users' comfort and productivity. These multi-level cart workstations are characterized by their ergonomic forms, making them ideal for use as a multi-monitor computer desk.

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SmartCart Desks (Fixed-Height)

You'll appreciate fixed-height computer workstations with wheels since they're easy to move around. We make sure that the build quality is suitable for our demands and requirements by offering a variety of shapes and finishes. Create your own adjustable desk with our custom-imprinted fixed-height computer desks/tables

Multi Level Computer Desk afc

Multi-Level Rolling Desks

Versatile OmniBus multi level computer desk which provides spaces to hold multiple office computing and printing equipment.

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Deluxe Ergo Tier Stand up Desks (Stand up Desks that Tilt)

The Ergo Deluxe Tier is a fantastic range of workstations that redefines today's ergonomic desk standards to improve working conditions and productivity in the medical and healthcare sectors.

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Dual Tier Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Dual tier height adjustable standing desks that has 2 work surfaces and are independently height adjustable to increase work productivity and comfort.

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Single Tier Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

THE SINGLE TIER STANDING DESK. AFC Industries height adjustable desk is the perfect choice when you need to adjust the workstation to your own size and preferences. With a full range of height adjustable desks, design options, the Single Tier adjustable work desk can meet almost any need

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Height Adjustable Workstation

Your top of the line height adjustable electric stand desk is the most important mechanism to minimize negative health issues through flexibility which can maximize worker comfort and lead to increased productivity in any workplace or home environment. Our desk are made of solid wood which is perfect for an office furniture, you will not be in need for a desk converter while using our sit stand desk

Ergonomic Features to fit your needs

Our best standing electric office desk units are height adjustable making it ergonomically easy to accommodate many different individuals in either seating or best standing positions while adjusting the monitor heights to attain the optimum focal length to help prevent eye fatigue.

In addition, we back our products with the best warranty in the business to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you are looking for an ergonomic workstation, computer cart or storage solution, you can depend on AFC Industries to provide quality products at the best possible price. Contact us today to experience the AFC difference!

Easy access in active spaces and work environments.

Improved blood flow reduces muscle tension.

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Accessories that Make It Better

Providing optimal ergonomics standing desk converters and functionality, accessories, such as, desktop CPU and mouse holders, wire management, Keyboard arms and trays, lighting and power supplies are all manufactured and available to enhance your work experience to remain more comfortable standing or sitting than on the uplifts v2 . Our adjustable height sit stand standing desks are the perfect addition to a home office without the need of standing desk converter.

The AFC Advantage

Project Consultations, Design Services, Engineering and Production are all managed under one roof for Total Control and Support. AFC warrants our product will be free from defects in standing desk converter materials and workmanship for the life of the product. Most of our desk comes with a keyboard tray that can be retracted and desk with drawers

In addition, we back our products with the best warranty in the business to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you are looking for an ergonomic workstation, computer cart or storage solution, you can depend on AFC Industries to provide quality products at the best possible price. Contact us today to experience the AFC difference!

Maintain good posture--thanks to better ergonomic height adjustment for specific demands. Top of the line technologies office furniture with included free shipping in the continental US.

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