AFC TechDock: Desktop Tablet Mount for Efficient Workstation Setup

Enhance your computer experience with AFC’s Desktop Tablet Mount for Computers. This ergonomic accessory allows you to conveniently mount your tablet on your desktop, providing a comfortable and hands-free viewing experience. Whether you use it for work, entertainment, or multitasking, the Desktop Tablet Mount helps improve productivity and reduces strain on your neck and shoulders. With its adjustable design and secure grip, it ensures stability and easy access to your tablet while keeping your workspace organized. Explore AFC’s range of ergonomic furniture solutions and elevate your computer setup with the Desktop Tablet Mount.

AFC’s universal tablet desktop mount with its secure, metal tablet frame holder, this versatile, universal desktop mount adapts to most of today’s common tablets, securing it tightly into place. Its sleek design, along with its fully-adjustable tilt viewing angle and 360 degrees of swivel, make it exceptionally functional. Comes with data entry shelf mount , ideal for Digital ID Pad (time-clocks) or Point-of-Sale Payment Transaction systems (credit card machine).  With theft-resistant security hardware, this desktop table mount is a great accessory for any desktop workspace.  In addition, we have added a robust tamper-proof battery pack/power supply box to house your accessory and to help keep the tablet powered up as long as needed.

  • Tablet can be rotated from Landscape to Portrait without removing the tablet
  • Option to place on desk or secure down with security screws
  • Made with cold-rolled steel for longevity and security
  • ±30° of tilt and swivel
  • Additional power supply/battery box for extended performance
  • Data entry shelf mount for employee entry system or payment gateway
  • Complete metal secure tablet frame holder
  • Various color options available.

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