AFC Medical Furniture – LED Ambient Desk Lighting for Comfortable Workspaces

Illuminate your workspace with LED Ambient Desk Lighting from ‘AFC,’ the leading name in medical furniture manufacturing. Enhance productivity and reduce eye strain with this sleek and energy-efficient lighting solution. The adjustable brightness and color temperature settings allow you to create the perfect lighting environment for focused work or relaxation.

  • Ambient desk back lighting
  • LED lighting technology
  • Provides rear table illumination without glare
  • Power saving features
  • LED light has an independently controlled dimmer switch


  • Height: 3″
  • Width: 24″
  • Depth: 3″


AFC Medical Furniture – Ambient Desk Lighting for Comfortable Workspaces

Elevate your workspace ambiance with the cutting-edge Ambient Desk Lighting from AFC, a prominent leader in medical furniture manufacturing. This innovative lighting solution is designed to revolutionize your work environment, promoting heightened productivity while alleviating eye strain. With energy efficiency at its core, this sleek lighting fixture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious.

The key feature of this LED Desk Lighting is its advanced LED technology, offering a harmonious blend of efficiency and functionality. Designed specifically for medical and professional environments, it provides rear table illumination without the glare, ensuring a comfortable and focused working experience. The independently controlled dimmer switch adds another layer of customization, allowing users to fine-tune the brightness according to their preferences and needs.

LED Ambient Desk Lighting for Comfortable Workspaces

The dimensions of this LED Ambient Desk Lighting showcase a perfect balance of form and function, with a height of 3 inches, a width of 24 inches, and a depth of 3 inches. This compact yet powerful lighting solution seamlessly integrates into various workspaces, optimizing the available desk real estate while delivering exceptional performance.

AFC’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the manufacturing of top-quality furniture equipment. Backed by a comprehensive product warranty, our LED Ambient Desk Lighting stands as a testament to our dedication to exceeding industry standards in practicality, functionality, and ergonomics. We prioritize providing our customers with peace of mind, ensuring they receive the highest return on investment.

Illuminate your workspace intelligently with AFC’s LED Ambient Desk Lighting and experience the perfect blend of form and function. Contact us for a free consultation with our knowledgeable ergonomic technical furniture specialists, who are ready to guide you through the customization options and help you integrate this innovative lighting solution into your workspace seamlessly. Trust AFC to transform your workspace into an environment that fosters productivity, comfort, and efficiency.

LED Desk Ambient Lighting

A low-power LED ambient desk light that illuminates the rear desk areas. Give your workstation an awesome look with this lighting accessory.

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