AFC Medical Furniture – Adjustable Furniture Floor Glides – Smooth and Stable Mobility

Upgrade your medical furniture with AFC’s Adjustable Furniture Floor Glides, designed for optimal stability and mobility. These high-quality glides provide smooth and effortless movement, allowing you to easily adjust and position your furniture according to your needs. Say goodbye to wobbly tables and chairs and say hello to a sturdy and reliable setup.

– 1 3/4 inch diameter plastic base for ease gliding with threaded stem 1/2 inch 13

Load Capacities
– Static: 500 pounds each



AFC Medical Furniture – Adjustable Furniture Floor Glides – Smooth and Stable Mobility

Elevate the stability and mobility of your medical furniture with AFC’s Adjustable Furniture Floor Glides – a sophisticated solution designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of your furniture. Crafted with precision and engineered for optimal performance, these high-quality glides redefine the standards of smooth movement, providing a seamless experience in adjusting and positioning your furniture according to your specific requirements.

The standout feature of these glides is the 1 3/4 inch diameter plastic base, meticulously designed to facilitate easy gliding across various floor surfaces. The threaded stem, measuring 1/2 inch 13, ensures a secure and stable connection, allowing for effortless adjustments with a simple turn. AFC Industries has prioritized ease of use in the design, ensuring that even intricate adjustments are made accessible and straightforward.

Bid farewell to the frustration of wobbly tables and chairs. AFC’s Furniture Floor Glides introduces a new era of sturdiness and reliability to your furniture setup. Whether you are furnishing a medical office, clinic, or any healthcare facility, these glides provide a solid foundation, ensuring that your furniture stays securely in place.

AFC Furniture Floor Glides – Smooth and Stable Mobility

The load capacities of these glides are impressive, with a static capacity of 500 pounds each. This robust load-bearing capability makes them suitable for various types of furniture, accommodating heavy loads with ease. The durability of these glides is a testament to AFC Industries’ commitment to manufacturing top-quality furniture equipment that exceeds industry standards.

Investing in AFC’s Furniture Floor Glides not only enhances the functionality of your medical furniture but also contributes to the aesthetics of your workspace. The seamless gliding motion and the sturdy base create an environment of efficiency and professionalism, reflecting the high standards of your medical practice.

In conclusion, AFC’s Furniture Floor Glides are a transformative addition to your medical furniture, delivering a perfect balance of stability and mobility. Upgrade your workspace with these high-quality glides, engineered for durability and designed to elevate the overall performance of your furniture. Trust AFC Industries for innovative solutions that redefine your medical workspace experience. Choose Furniture Floor Glides for a sturdy, reliable, and effortlessly adjustable furniture setup.

Adjustable Furniture Leg Glides

An adjustable furniture floor glide with threaded stem. 1 3/4 inch diameter plastic base for easy gliding. A helpful device for convenient moving non-mobile furniture. It also protects floors from scratches when fixed furniture is dragged.

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