AFC Medical Furniture: Secure and Organize Your Tablets with the 4 Tablet Holder Wall Mounted Bracket

Organize and secure your medical tablets with the AFC 4 Tablet Holder Wall Mount Bracket. This versatile and durable wall mount bracket is designed specifically for medical settings, offering a convenient and space-saving solution for tablet storage. With its adjustable arms and secure locking mechanism, you can easily mount and protect up to four tablets. Whether for patient records, medical imaging, or telemedicine applications, the 4 Tablet Holder Wall Mount Bracket ensures easy access and reliable device management.

  • Metal constructed strong and secure frames
  • Lock and key for added security
  • Available horizontal and vertical solutions and configurations
  • Various track lengths available, depending on the tablet holder amount
  • Choose black or white anti-microbial paint finishes
  • Universal tablet frames will accommodate most of today’s popular models
  • Mounted with Z-arms for multi-directional manipulation
  • Available list of mounts to fit your exact iPad or Tablet

4 Tablet Holder Wall Bracket

The perfect tablet holder wall mount bracket for mounting four tablets on the wall next to each other horizontally. Attached through track mounts with Z-arm so that you can easily adjust the screens in all directions for ideal viewing angles. These are universal mounts and can support all of today’s popular tablet models for Apple, Android, and PC.

Available in various finishes to suit your environment. All tablet frame holders are made from metal and come with a lock and key for added security.

We can combine larger monitors with the smaller tablets for a complete office solution.

Please note: Tablet frame holders do not include the monitor screens.

4 Tablet Holder Wall Mount Bracket features

4 Tablet Holder Wall Mount Bracket features

4 Tablet Holder Wall Mount Bracket features

4 Tablet Holder Wall Mount Bracket features

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