Standard Laminate Surface Colors

Speckled Gray
S04 Speckled Gray
Achron Black 1

S02 Achron Black

Rich Cherry

S07 Rich Cherry

Pure White

S01 Pure White


S10 Cream Cream

New Pine

S05 New Pine

Gentle Gray

S03 Gentle Gray

Hard Oak

S06 Hard Oak

Standard Paint Colors

Achron Black 1


Gentle Gray


Pure White


Phenolic Plastic



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Molding Frame
Frame color black
Frame color gray
Frame color Putty
Frame color black
Frame color gray
Frame color White

Anti-microbial paint

anti-microbial paint

AFC now offers the added protection
of anti-microbial powder-
coat finishes on its products
to provide protection against a broad
spectrum of micro-organisms. When
applied to mobile carts, wall mounts,
and work stations the risk of spreading
harmful bacteria and viruses between
patients and health care workers is
greatly reduced, according to doctors
that use the anti-microbial powder coating
in their hospitals and laboratories.

High-density polyethylene
(HDPE) top now available
with anti-microbial protection

upgrade now available in many of
AFC’s polymer sheets, slabs and massive
shapes. HDPE helps products stay
cleaner between cleanings and inhibits
the growth of product-damaging microorganisms,
including bacteria, algae and
fungi on the surface. Microbe cell walls
that come into contact with HDPE are
destroyed on contact, without creating
opportunities for adaptive or resistant
strains to form. Because the antimicrobial
agent is bonded at the atomic
level throughout the sheet, it will not
leach out of the product. This means the
agent retains its effectiveness throughout
the life of the product and does not
harm the environment.

It is safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous
to ship and handle. The product is
EPA-registered and listed with the FDA
as a modifier to medical devices.
Products made using AFC’s polymers
with HDPE are easy to clean, disinfect
and keep hygienic using standard
cleaning procedures. Constant use of
cleaning solutions will not affect any

Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates (ESD) – coating

discharging static electricy

We now provide optional extra security coatings for our desktop
surfaces. Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates (ESD) – a ground-breaking
laminate solution that provides a safe and better environment for
furniture or other surface applications in electrostatic high-risk
areas. Inbuilt with a futuristic technology and electrostatic charges
consumption formula, these laminates drain out static charges and
minimize the risk of sparking or damage to sensitive appliances.

they repel the dust particles from accumulating on the surface, thereby
maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. If you are concerned about
the electro-static charges then please ask us about the ESD coatings.


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