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AFC Medical Furniture: Maximize Space and Efficiency with the Rack Mount LAN Workstation – Ideal for Network Environments

Boost your productivity with AFC’s Computer Rack Workstation from the renowned brand in medical furniture manufacturing. Our workstation combines functionality and durability, providing a versatile solution for organizing your computer equipment. With ample space for multiple devices, cable management options, and adjustable features, our Computer Rack Workstation ensures an ergonomic and efficient workspace.

A highly scalable network server workstation rack that is capable of handling multiple network devices such as: network switches and computer servers. Built with extra storage cabinets for keeping useful network operation documents.

This Rack Mount Workstation is easy to setup on any floor at floor surfaces. Made with strong steel materials that’s capable of holding heavy network equipment. Has durable design and construction for lifetime usability.

  • L shaped work surface
  • Racks for all kinds of computer setup requirements
  • 30″ and 24″ width rack shelves that are manually adjustable on track
  • Three overhead flipper cabinets
  • Monitor brackets on extendable Z-arm



Corner Workstation Furniture




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