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Clamp On Desk Lamp

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Adjustable Clamp On Desk Lamp Stand

  • Two LED Light Cannon Heads
  • Flexible Metal tubing for easy adjustments
  • Concealed smart wiring
  • Easy to install Clamp to desk feature



    • Height
    • 32″


Clamp On Desk Lamp Stand

Meet the Desk Lamp Plus – a clamp-on desk lamp with two flexible, adjustable LED cannon heads. It features an ambient light LED cannon head and a separate personal task light cannon head.

The Desk Lamp Plus can cover a wide desktop surface area without bleeding light into its surroundings, thanks to the well-designed lamp head and its flexible metal tubing. Its under-desk concealed smart wiring prevents work accidents and provides a futuristic touch to its design.

Clamp On Desk Lamp Two LED Lights

Clamp On Desk Lamp Two Lights

Clamp On Desk or Table Lamp Stand

Clamp On Desk or Table Lamp Stand


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