Customize Your Tablet Cart: 5 Essential Accessories for Optimization

In today’s dynamic workplaces, the integration of tablets into various industries has become pivotal. Elevate the functionality and adaptability of your modular tablet cart from AFC Industries with these five indispensable accessories:

1. Wire Frame Basket

Wire Medical Basket on Sliding Horizontal Wall-Mounted Track

Efficiently organize miscellaneous items such as cables, adapters, or medical supplies with this seamlessly attachable wire frame basket. Its sliding mechanism ensures easy access, helping you maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace.

2. Keyboard Arm Tray

Plastic Keyboard Tray

Facilitate seamless interaction between devices by adding this adjustable arm tray to your AFC Industries cart. Ideal for instances where a keyboard is essential alongside your tablet, it offers stability and ergonomic support for efficient workflow.

Rolling Medical Computer Pole Cart with Keyboard Tray3. Antiseptic Wipe Holder

Antiseptic Wipe Holder

Promote a hygienic environment in healthcare or shared work settings with this purpose-built holder for antiseptic wipes. Attach it to your cart to ensure convenient access to cleaning materials, prioritizing cleanliness and safety.

4. Power Cord Extension Reel

Round Retractable Power Cord Reel

Minimize cable clutter and manage power sources efficiently with this retractable cord reel. Incorporate it into your AFC Industries cart to extend the reach of power outlets, providing a tidy and organized charging solution.

5. Tablet Holder

Microsoft Surface Go Secure Tablet Holder

Ensure the safety and stability of your tablets with this purpose-designed holder, crafted to accommodate specific tablet models like the Microsoft Surface Go. Safeguard your devices on the AFC Industries cart, preventing accidental damage or slips.

Enhance the versatility and efficiency of your AFC Industries modular tablet cart by integrating these accessories. Whether in healthcare, education, or corporate environments, these additions optimize organization, functionality, and user experience.

Explore AFC Industries’ comprehensive range of accessories to customize your modular tablet cart according to your unique workflow and requirements. Elevate your productivity and streamline operations with a tailored solution designed to fit your needs perfectly.

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