AFC Dual User Office Table Workstation: Maximize Productivity

Enhance productivity and collaboration with AFC’s Dual User Office Table Workstation, expertly crafted for the medical furniture manufacturing industry. This innovative workstation allows two users to work side by side comfortably, making it ideal for medical offices, clinics, or administrative spaces.

  • Dual office table with monitor mount
  • Accommodates two users simultaneously
  • Grommet mounted Z-arm provides various position options
  • Built in phone holder
  • Pole mounted shelf perfect for printers and fax machines



Dual Office Table


This premium top quality dual table for office worker station has a modern dual user office table that can accommodate two users at the same time. It has built in drawers for storage. The grommet mounted Z-arm allows you to easily position your monitors.

This is office worker stations. Mostly business, but it can work in a medical office which is really a medical business. It also comes with a grommet mount phone holder and a pole mounted shelf, ideal for a fax or printer.

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