Wall-Mount Combo AFC78-08

BY Author: Elliot Specter

AFC Industries Offers Space-Saving, Functional Wall-Mount Combo AFC78-08

DATELINE-AFC Industries, Inc. (College Point, NY) offers the Wall Mount Combo AFC78-08, a low-profile, height-adjustable, user-friendly mini-workstation that brings the benefits of today’s ever-expanding computer technology to almost any location in a busy healthcare facility.  Making the most of limited space, the new unit folds neatly against a wall when not in use.  When needed, it easily extends to create a functional computer work area with adjustments that accommodate most users in both sitting and standing positions.

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Innovative Designs Bring Technology Wherever Needed in a Healthcare Environment

The flexible Combo AFC78-08 is designed with ergonomic intelligence and durability, while providing easy-to-operate, lightweight functionality for boosting productivity in patient rooms, hallways, operating rooms and wherever computer technology is needed.  

With a sleek, minimal profile, the new Wall Mount Combo incorporates a full range of sophisticated features to maximize functionality. It extends almost three feet, with an option for an extra arm to add an additional 8” reach for the monitor and keyboard.  It also offers pneumatic height adjustment over a range of approximately 12” and easily swivels to achieve different positions.  For safety and convenience, the Combo height and keyboard tray position lock securely into place.  

Adding additional flexibility, the mouse tray and scanner holder can be either left- or right-mounted.  A built-in VESA 75/100 compliant monitor bracket can be raised and lowered within a three-inch range to fine-tune monitor placement to the user’s ergonomic height, while tilting both vertically and horizontally to deliver the optimal viewing angle.  Wire management keeps all cables safely out of the way. 

The Combo AFC78-08 also can be mounted to a traditional desk/counter top to add the ergonomic functionality of a sit-to-stand workstation that adjusts to different users.

The entire unit offers the thorough disinfection characteristics synonymous with the AFC Industries product line, and the unit is available with an optional anti-microbial painted finish.


The AFC78-08 was designed to meet the needs of today’s busy, productivity-driven medical environments,” says Anat Rotlevi, CEO of AFC Industries.  “As computer technology rapidly evolves, every healthcare facility needs flexible, functional furniture to keep the benefits within easy reach.  The Wall Mount Combo AFC78-08 was specifically created to meet this need.



  • Aluminum cast and sheet metal construction for strength and durability
  • Thorough disinfection for safe use throughout medical facilities
  • Nearly three feet when fully extended
  • Option for supplemental extension if needed
  • 12” stroke adjusts monitor and keyboard height for virtually any user
  • Locking mechanism at any position for safety, comfort, and varying loads
  • Sit-to stand work positions
  • Full range of swivel motion allows for sharing information with patients and other healthcare professionals on site
  • Keyboard swivels and folds for low profile and includes a safety lock
  • Mounting options on walls and desk/counter tops
  • VESA 75/100 compliant monitor bracket with horizontal and vertical tilt and three-inch range of height adjustment



Since 1994, AFC Industries has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of ergonomic furniture.  From high-quality workstations, carts and complete modular storage systems to wall mounts, monitor arms and mounting solutions, the company’s product line is crafted for safety, flexibility, function and comfort.  AFC Industries products are constructed with the highest quality materials and designed for durability, safety, and ease of use.  They feature epoxy-powder-coated finishes and high-pressure scratch-resistant laminates. 

Noted for superior customer service, AFC offers complimentary room design analysis and 3-dimensional product drawings.  Under the supervision of AFC Industries’ knowledgeable sales consultants and engineers, the company’s onsite U.S. manufacturing plant configures products to meet specific customer needs. Stringent quality control and ongoing customer support are hallmarks of the AFC Industries commitment to customer satisfaction.


 The reasons why some are mounted on walls are follows:

- Lack of space on the desk because the monitor base occupies an area that is often needed for other things.

- To have direct or straight line of sight fronting the computer user, especially with office tables where people have to talk while using the computer as reference.

- Wall mounted monitors are easier to adjust when needed.  There are wall mounts that have extension arms that have pivots for convenience in adjusting them.

- Large monitors that are 22 inches in size or more can easily be seen and read even at a farther distance that makes them practical to be mounted on a wall.

- Monitors that are mounted on walls are less prone to be accidentally tipped over or be damaged.

- A wall mounted monitor is the best option when a computer desk is facing a wall as it will save a lot of space on the desk.

Computer monitors in offices and schools are still best to be on the desk top.  The reasons why monitors should be on a desk are as follows:

- In schools, it is the most practical way in learning and will not have to be moved for other purposes.

- In offices, most desks are now L-shaped so that even when talking to a client, the office worker can easily turn from the chair to face either the client or the monitor.

- For easier cleaning, maintenance or replacement. Wall mounted monitors are quite troublesome to replace as bolts holding the monitor will have to be removed.

- Small monitors that are 17-inch or smaller are still best to be on top of desks.  The base of these smaller monitors is also smaller and do not take up much space.

So mounting your computer monitor to your wall or desk will depend on what is needed or may be required for you to make computing more convenient.  Design, space and purpose of the place where the computer is located are the factors to consider whether to mount the monitor on a wall or just on the desk.

AFC Industries supplies furniture to a full range of medical facilities, from major hospitals to freestanding clinics. 

The company is located at 13-16 133rd Place, College Point, NY.  1-800-663-3412. 

For more information please visit www.afcindustries.com